If this guy wasn't a complete moron, this video would be hard to watch.

As seen below, MoneyTalks.com convinced some doofus to get leveled going over the middle by Kimbo Slice for - wait for it - $100.

Too bad they couldn't find Todd Pinkston chillin' on the beach.

Hmmm, wonder if that includes medical expenses? This dude probably spent the next month eating through a tube:

By the way, apparently the show did a whole series of these such as "How much would it take for Kimbo to punch you in the chest?" The answer: $50!

This is pure evil/genius.

We can already see the MasterCard ad now:

Getting drilled by Kimbo Slice? $100.
Watching some other dude get drilled by Kimbo Slice? Priceless.

And how has this not already been picked up by Fox??? The Devil will be very disappointed when he hears about this...

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