There's a lot of talk these days about the worst tattoos in sports.

We here at The Realests find it deeply disturbing that most of the tats mentioned are the ones we like the most. We decided to set the record straight with some thugs you love to hate.

Here is Part I of the 10 Realests Tattoos in sports. Stay tuned Wednesday for the conclusion:

10. LeBron James: "Chosen1"

I'm a huge LeBron homer. Bite me. This tattoo really fits in with LeBron's new trend of referring to himself in the third person. Are we the only ones hoping LeBron turns into the biggest prick ever, rips his teammates for sucking ass and tries to score 80 every game? In other words, turns into Ricky Davis.

9. Allen Iverson: "The Realist"

Did he really misspell Realest or just realize the throne was already taken? We'll never know. But it's the thought that counts and one thing's for sure: Iverson is real. This is the same guy that brought us "We talkin' bout practice, man!" and did time in the slammer during high school for smashing a chair over someone's head WWF-style in a bowling alley brawl (apologies for the water mark).

T-8. Vince Young & DeShawn Stevenson's Jersey Tattoo

This is a dead heat. Vince gets bonus points for adding the first initial to clarify him from the other guy with Young tattooed on his back; DeShawn gets props for getting an entire jersey tattoo, which he claimed he will do. I'm fighting a serious urge right now to go to the nearest parlor immediately and get "T. Realest" across my back.

7. David Clinger's Polynesian Face Mask

This is a desperate cry for attention - and we love it. After smoking peyote for six straight days, Clinger decided to get this "Polynesian face mask." Unsurprisingly, his sponsor asked him to get it removed. He tried, but then realized it would cost him $25,000. With an attitude that says, "Who cares? It's only cycling" he was fired. Unbelievable. This guy is like a real-life Hansel.

6. Jeremy Shockey's Bald Eagle

There's nothing more American than patriotic white trash. This 9-11 inspired tat is a complete abomination and the bald eagle looks like it's hitting on us. Somehow, it took 21 hours over 3 days to complete even though it looks like something a 5th grader drew. But what really makes this tattoo is Shockey's reason for picking it: "I didn't want something [that] 20 years later I'd be, Why did I get this?" Um, right.....

Clich here for Part II


Anonymous said...

REALIST is a word, while REALEST is not, therefore making your comments on Iverson stupid, somebody can be a realist, why calling something the realest, is a slang way to say most real.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the above. Also, I think Shockey's tattoo looks very good. I like it a lot.