By now, everyone's heard about Time Magazine's "Person of the Year":

Usually I'd leave it up to Daily Arts to come up with this sort of crap (I'm sure they will plagiarize it soon).

There were plenty of good candidates to choose from, including: Jack Bauer (how many times does this guy have to save your ass to win this thing?), The LeBrons, Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Moondog, Ron Mexico (OK, maybe he should have been the 2005 Person of the Year), this dude, Jim Jones, Isiah Thomas and Phil Brabbs.

So we decided it was time to announce the second annual Realest of the Year (if you recall, the 2005 winner was a mouse riding a cat riding a dog... yes, you read that correctly).

We once again look like prophets after a near dead-on prediction 12 months ago of this year's winner, which is:

(Photo credit: T-Dizzle)

Yeah, we said it.


Do we really have to validate this?


But just for the sake of self-promotion, we will. And what better way to do an end-of-the-year special than a Top 10 countdown of our realest moments?

Let's do this:

10. 24 – Realest Style

Varun really carried this sketch with his dead-on Tony Almeda impression. Special thanks to Ken Wall and Lofa Tatupu for guest appearances:

9. Coaching Candidates for "The U"

We’re especially proud of this entry due to the fact that Dennis Erickson actually landed a job at a big-time program. It’ll be great to see him next year wearing a visor with the Devil on it.

8. Braylicious

Another of our most recent hits, we can’t get enough of Braylon Edwards. And neither can Braylon:

7. “Whoop That Trick”

This was really a gem at the time. As Varun likes to say, it’s everything that’s right about college basketball:

6. Discovering Max Meisel

When we found this kid, he was a 5-foot-4 scrub. Well, he still is. But now he’s the Syracuse Rudy that tried to take a porn star to prom. Talk about hooking a guy up. Who has done more for an individual collegiate athlete in the past ten years? Jerry Tarkanian? Ed Martin?

5. Gawker Beef

The fact that Daily Arts did an interview with Gawker’s Jessica Coen just legitimizes the fact we called her a bitch.

4. "Measly Penny"

Big props to Scott Bell and The Michigan Daily sports section on this one. The song’s pretty whack, but whoever said, “Bitch, you don’t know LeBron James!” is a genius (again, we took the song down because it was slowing down the site, but trust us - we still have a copy).

3. Saving Gunston’s Ass

We don’t want to toot our own horn (that’s a lie), but there was nothing more satisfying this year than saving Gunston from being put to sleep. Now he’s a cult figure with over 2,500 Facebook friends (note: we are counting the Gunston-Moondog Beef as part of this moment to avoid repetition).

1. Anchondo

Was there ever any doubt?

Any questions?

P.S. Big shout-out to our devoted reader in Cary, North Carolina - the most dedicated Realest reader of 2006