I often joke that Braylon Edwards is a lot like The Claw: they're both creations of The Michigan Daily.

For anyone that wasn't around for Braylon's junior year, dude was buried on the depth chart and going nowhere fast. As Lloyd Carr put it: "We're not on the same page and Braylon's a good reader."

That's when Brady put Braylon on blast, calling him an R. Kelly wanna-be (make sure to read the before and after if you haven't already).

No joke. The very day of the article, Braylon came to his first Monday press conference and proclaimed "I'm not a bad guy" and "I got people like J. Brady McCollough comparin' me to R. Kelly." From then on, the guy shaved his rows, took out the double studs and obliterated the Michigan record books.

He's still an egomanic (like any NFL receiver), but up to this point he's kept it in check despite the fame and millions. But Braylon has been in the news a lot lately for showing up teammates and poppin' off a little too much.

Which leads me to today, when I found this Zoolander-esque feature photo gallery of Braylon on Getty Images that is basically soft-core porn (click here for the full gallery). This was probably the greatest moment of his life:

"Does this mound of dirt accentuate my eyes???"

"Abracadabra BITCH..."

"Come on in to Men's Warehouse today and get 15% off!"

"Thoia, thoia, thoia, thoia thoing!"

I just messed my pants

"God: please have this photo turn out fabulous..."

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