We expect the whole truth and nothing but the truth from Gilbert Arenas. This is the guy that brought you this last postseason:

This is also the same guy that ripped Mike D’Antoni and Nate McMillan before the World Championships, then quitting Team U.S.A. and promising to average 50 points against the Suns and Trailblazers this year (oh by the way, he put up 54 on the Suns on Dec. 22).

So when Kobe Bryant said Arenas shoots without a conscience, we figured Gilbert was just a ticking time bomb to go off and everybody already knew how Gilbert was going to fire back (more on that later).

Well Gilbert has spoken. Unfortunately, he didn’t really say anything. From the Washington Post:

"If someone downgrades, they really care; it really hurt them. That's how I look at it. If he didn't comment, he didn't acknowledge it. But for him to comment, I really got to him. A great player like him, you have to do something to that level to get his respect."

Fuck that shit!

The ONLY acceptable response here is this:

“Where was Kobe’s conscience in that Colorado hotel room?”

As Ari Gold would say: BOOM!

It’s great because although it does imply Kobe is guilty, it works either way because he still cheated on his wife.

Gilbert, we expected more out of you….


tommy said...

adultry is a commen mistake and it is between him and his wife its none of your bussness he was found inocent of rape and his wife forgave him so for you to bring that up shows you know nothing. if he was not such a high profile athlete nobody would care about him commiting adultry. So stop taking shots at kobe

Anonymous said...

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