OK, we'll admit it. Last year's pick Stephen F. Austin was a bomb.

But we're still 2-1 on our Super Sleeper (Northwestern State in 2006, San Diego in '08).

Undeterred, we're going back out on a limb this year with our pick of a #13 seed or worse. And Siena doesn't even count with Purdue missing Robbie Hummel.

So who does that leave? Well the Wofford Terriers of course!

Consider the following:

- Wisconsin a #4 seed? Please. This team should be a #6, tops.

- The game is in Jacksonville, just 5 hours from campus. That's Wofford Country, son!

- Jon Leuer is a great player for Wisco, but he hasn't nearly been the same since coming back from a wrist injury. Good luck getting into your groove in the Big Dance.

- Wofford has BEATEN, yes BEATEN Georgia and South Carolina, and played Pitt down to the wire.

- The Terriers have lost just ONCE in 2010. That's what we call a roll, my friends - even if it's in the SoCon.

- Noal Dahlman = $$$. When he's on - like he was vs. South Carolina - the Terriers are scary good.

- Wisconsin's grind-it-out style works right into the hands of an inferior athletic team that just wants to hang around until the final 2 minutes

Fear the Terrier!