Check out this recent article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

They'll also learn about how he once appeared on The Howard Stern Show after winning its "Take a porn star to the prom" contest.

"No one up here really knew about that story," he said. "But I guess it must have appeared on some Internet site recently because more and more people have been asking me about it."

For the record, Meisel said he never did get to take the porn star to the prom because his parents and the school put the kibosh on it.

"Let's just say, neither my mom and dad or school administrators were too pleased about the idea," Meisel said, grinning.
First, this writer jacked Deadspin's word usage of "kibosh."

Second, we take FULL responsibility for Max Meisel becoming the BMOC at Syracuse and feel like the kid is indebted, to be quite honest (we'll pass on 'Cuse football tickets). For now, we'll have to settle for Meisel accepting us as facebook friends today...

Max: Don't forget the little people (no pun intended... wait, that was totally intended)