With the Willie Williams Sweepstakes over, we now turn our attention to Drew Henson. Is Drew the heir apparent to Peyton Manning? From the AP:

The Colts might have an interest in signing former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Drew Henson, but Dungy cautioned that it was no greater than the Colts have in any other player.

"We look at everybody that comes across the waiver wire and we probably called his (Henson's) agent," Dungy said. "We've probably done that with 80 guys. Are we going to bring in all 80 guys? No. We want to know where he is and we've probably got his phone number."

Then Dungy brought up a similar rumor that emerged last season when the Colts were thought to be interested in Tim Couch. The deal never materialized.

"We have his number, too," Dungy said. "But there is no imminent plan to bring Drew Henson in right now."

"There's always going to be haters" - Drew Henson

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