Varun and I can't reach a consensus on the worst city in America: Baltimore or Cincinnati (sorry Steiny). Both riddled with murder, drugs, racism, poverty and pretty much anything else that makes a city miserable, it's just too close to call. You be the judge:


Setting of: "The Wire"
Better Known as... U.S. Murder Capital AND Heroin Capital
Cry for help: New slogan, "Get In On It"
Quotable: "A hopeless, depressed, unemployed, crack-addicted city" - Baltimore's image consultant
Telling Sign: Paid image consultant $500,000 for aforementioned shitty slogan.


Setting of: "Traffic"
Better Known as... The Nati
Cry for help: Jacking Charlotte's slogan, "The Queen City"
Quotable: "Everybody knows (Hitler) was good at the beginning but he just went too far" - Marge Schott, former Cincinnati Reds owner
Telling Sign: Jerry Springer was Mayor


Steiny17 said...

I don;t like where this is going. The only reader who ever, EVER, posts besisdes those gusy who askyou to check out their blog and this is the thanks I get. This is some serious MCTWERKING

zima said...

suck my real nuts steiny... i post on this blog too. and varun called me out and wrote a post about how i was a cooter for calling out his almeida impression. deal with it.

amish said...

I've never been to Baltimore, but I've been to Cincinnati a few times. Its awful. They get my vote.

Grizz said...

Ohio blowz.