As we've come to expect from Michigan football's major media outlets, there was nothing but glowing praise after Big Blue's snoozer over Vanderbilt.

The Free Press praised the Ron English defense, while the Ann Arbor News raved about the new zone blocking. Jim Carty went so far as to write in his column, "the problems were mostly self-inflicted and thus very fixable." Uh, right... how long have you been covering this team? (And yeah, we took it out of context, and we'll do it again...)

On the other hand, we're working on a point-counterpoint on what's more entertaining to watch: Michigan football or old people having sex (stay tuned).

In the meantime, we offer you an observation from Saturday's game. In an attempt to get Michigan's swagger back, has Lloyd Carr lifted his ban on visors?

He's never spoken of a ban, but The Realests have long suspected this is the case. Think: what was the last time you saw a Michigan player with an eye shield? Our best guess is Charles Woodson in the 1998 Rose Bowl.

But on Saturday, several players were donning the new look, most noticeably Steve Breaston and Kevin Grady. Is this Lloyd's last gasp for swagger? We say yes.

We wanna know who has the balls to get the Maize visor....

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