As you can see below, The Realests received a tip this morning: "A reliable source tells me that Graham Brown shipped out to Portugal last week to begin his professional basketball career."

Unfortunately, our search through Nexis and USbasket.com was also unsuccesful. Personally, we're still reeling from the fact Graham wasn't on an opening day NFL roster.

Keep checking USbasket.com for word on Graham. This site is the authority on the whereabouts of former NCAA basketball players.

A small sample of Michigan alumni:

Josh "Ass Face" Asselin: Richoh-Manresa (Spain)

Chris "Big Game" Hunter: Sion Herens Basket (Switzerland)

Travis Conlan: Liege (Belgium)

LaVell Blanchard: Oldenburg (Germany)

& the original animal...

Chris Young: BBC Royal Atomia Brussels (Belgium)

We will certainly keep you updated as soon as we hear about Graham...

Sending players to Europe must be a big selling point to recruits...


scott said...

Graham was at the football game Saturday

Tom Campion said...

More on GB:

1) I might have been wrong about his date of departure. Oops. Regardless, he's now Across the Pond.

2) According to my source, "Graham Brown is off the coast of Portugal on an island that is populated by roughly 50,000. This island is called Terceira, and the name of the club is Sports Club Lusitania."

3) The SCL website is http://www.sclusitania.com/ Click on that and then you can read all you want in Portugese about baskquetebol. I don't think the team page has been updated to include Hambone yet. If they sell merchandise, I might be tempted to get a jersey.

Tom Campion said...

Graham Brown's player page