Call us crazy, but it really bothers us that offensive coordinator Mike DeBord got fired as CMU's head coach for this guy, Brian Kelly.

In case you missed it, Kelly made two of the dumbest coaching decisions ever against Boston College last week.

#1: Trailing 10-3 in the 2nd quarter, went for it from his own 28 on 4th and 8. After an incompletion, BC scored a touchdown four plays later.

#2: CMU's "swinging gate" play, in which the offensive lineman stayed in their stance on the opposite hashmark while their quarterback ran for his life and threw a game-clinching interception.

On top of that, the Free Press said Kelly "vowed to be unpredictable" against Big Blue.

We realized there's only one way for Kelly to top himself: showing up with Jim Boccher as the new special teams coach.

Remember, Boccher's had three years to prepare a trick play to stick it to Lloyd...

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