Following up on our coverage of New Mexico State basketball player Tyrone Nelson, who was accused last week of robbing a pizza delivery guy, comes news that Nelson has been re-instated to the team because an "NMSU committee feels robbery evidence doesn't point to junior."

From the Albuquerque Journal:

"Nelson was charged with robbing the delivery man of pizza and hot wings last Tuesday at a Las Cruces residence.
He was arrested last Thursday at Mesilla Valley Mall after a tip placed him there and the delivery man identified him as the suspect...

(AD McKinley) Boston said the committee of "six to eight" persons were given the criminal complaint and interviewed Nelson. Boston would not comment on the likely outcome of the judicial process.

"If the evidence is clear that suspension is warranted, we would sustain it," said Boston.

"But the worst-case scenario is to suspend an athlete and then await the outcome of judicial proceedings, which could be six months. Let's say the finding is not guilty. In this case, the athlete would have missed six months of competition and unfairly endured six months of public humiliation." "
Now we are all for innocent until proven guilty and we certainly don't want to be accused of racial profiling (OK, that's exactly what we are doing...), but how many 6-foot-9 black guys are in Las Cruces, New Mexico????

Our guess is one...

We'd say Reggie Theus lost a lot of respect over this, but then again, the guy was in Hang Time. So maybe - in a weird way - he actually gained our respect by acting like a real coach ...

Out on bail, fresh outta jail, California dreamin’, soon as Nelson step on the scene he’s hearin’ hoochies screamin’...


Jawahi said...

Nice picture of a dust storm over Las Cruces.
Too bad, you probably couldn't afford to live in that neighborhood.

About Nelson's arrest, the allegation against him are just really strange.

Does your pizza delivery service accept phone calls from cell phones?

Out-of-state cell phones?

Hmmm ... makes you wonder.

Any way you inspired me to start a blog!!


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