It's with a heavy heart I break news that Cavaliers' play-by-play guy Michael Reghi has been fired. Apparently, owner Dan Gilbert decided to whack him in favor of Pistons play-by-play man Fred McLeod, a personal friend of Gilbert's.

Whether he was screaming "WINE AND GOLD!" and thinking of new lines for LeBron James to get on "Sportscenter" (i.e. "Flight 23 is prepared for takeoff!"), Reghi was a doofus. But he was our doofus.

I mean, look at this guy's blog or his statement following the news: "Cleveland is my home and where my heart belongs. I've poured extreme passion into my work with the Cavaliers."

He bled whine and gold.

It's a sad day for Cavalier fans, Usher and Moondog. The Cavaliers' flag is definitely at half-mast today.

This backward shot's for you, Reghi...

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