It's that time again, folks. From yesterday's Miami Herald:

Former UM linebacker Willie Williams did not show up at College of the Sequoias, and his attorney, Paul Lazarus, said he would not be going there.

Sequoias offensive coordinator Andy Siegal, a former head coach at Miami Coral Park High, said he called Williams at least 20 times with no response after Williams called Sequoias last Thursday asking about playing there.

Siegal said he heard through former connections in Miami that Williams might play at West Los Angeles College, a community college that plays in the Competitive Western State Conference.

Beggers can't be choosers, Willie...

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Anonymous said...

Coach Siegal was not calling him like that. HE doesnt beg anyone. HE signed Nate Harris, John Wood,Jean Leone,many other former Canes out of Miami to JC Football. Willie and his Step Dad called Coach Siegal to say he was coming and would be there that weekend to start practice. He didnt show. Then after the Pearl River deal went south they called Coach Siegal aqgin. Said he would be there sat to enroll in school. Well after reporters started calling coach Siegal kept calling Willie back to get a trasncript which never came so he left them a message that if he doesnt get them a transcript asap thay cant get him in school. After no call back Coach Siegal found out he and his Step dad were headed to West LA CC. That is the real deal!