You gotta feel for Arizona State QB Sam Keller. After originally committing to Michigan (his dad starred for the Wolverines), Keller headed to ASU after Michigan signed Chad Henne.

Well Keller just took it in the pooper again...

ASU coach Dirk Koetter announced Keller the starter, then took it back almost immediately. Not only does this make Koetter a favorite for Realest of the Week, it puts Keller on the free-agent market with Willie Williams.

That's right folks, it's possible Keller and Williams end up at Michigan. Keller has two redshirt years available (one for transferring, one waiting for Henne) and could start in between the Chad Henne and Ryan Mallett eras.

This guy torched the Pac-10 last season - imagine how good he will be with two years of practice?

It sounds laughable now, but what if Henne goes pro after this year? Certainly Carr won't repeat the same mistake he made with Drew Henson, will he???

Pointing east?

Willie's reaction to the news...

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