A lot of you are too young to remember this, but Pierre Woods used to be a monster.

In 2003, Pierre was second on the team in tackles (68) and led the team in TFL (14) and sacks (7). He was tearing people's faces off in the 2004 Rose Bowl against USC.

Then the guy basically pissed away his final 3 years.

Well Prescott Burgess is on the same path to obsurity. An absolute freakshow at 6-4, 250, Prescott has been given a seat on the bench by Lloyd Carr in favor of Chris Graham (that's right, Chris Graham, not Brandon Graham).

That's a pretty big fall-off for a guy that was rated the 16th overall recruit in the country by Tom Lemming in 2003 (ahead of JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn).

The best part is, no one else even realizes how much this guy sucks. Phil Steele ranks Prescott as the 5th best OLB in the country this year and Fox Sports ranks him as the 67th best prospect for the 2007 Draft.

Prescott: it's time to wake up ...

Get those fingernails sharpened ....


Anonymous said...

Burgess blows like the rest of the UM defense, we're looking at another 7-5 season

bongizzle said...

The fingernails are sharpened, i've been practicing the claw in the mirror....ok maybe not but I'm pumped for the season to get underway.

I also forgot to tell you guys that I went to ann arbor last weekend, showed the team my trophy, and told them that if they believed in jebus and dominated the opposition like me, they could have a trophy of their own. (except that it won't have a cross on the top)

Needless to say, they were pumped.