There's two people connected to the Michigan Athletic Department that tell it like it is - Rich Maloney and Bo Schembechler.

It's not always good when Bo opens his trap, i.e. saying the Michigan basketball coach will never make more than the football coach, which effectively scared away Rick Pitino.

But at 77 years old, this guy really just doesn't give a fuck. Check out some choice comments from a recent Free Press article:

"We don't need Notre Dame. They need us more than we need them."

"Hell, we're playing all these Big Ten teams. When Penn State came into the league, then we should do everything we can to get this Notre Dame series over with."

On Lloyd Carr wanting a playoff: "He's just talking. It sounds good. He doesn't want a playoff. I'll speak for him. He doesn't want a playoff."

"Can you believe what Bill Martin is doing to Michigan Stadium? The hell with him..."

OK, maybe that last one was made up...

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