That's always been true, but the Post's coverage of Paul Lo Duca is just ridiculous. First, they made his divorce a front page story, accussing him of adultery. Then they ran a story about a teenager he's boning that he met at "18 & Over" night at a Long Island bar.

And now this: more accusations from another 19-year that claims she's hooked up with Lo Duca and is now heart broken. Are you kidding me? Two choice excerpts:

"She said that he only called her when in town with the Marlins or Mets and that the pair had their romps exclusively at the Westin and the Hyatt, where he occasionally stayed."

"You never know how many are out there," the shattered 19-year-old said. "He put on a good show. [It seemed like] he cared about me. He was a nice guy. Now I know it was all a show." "

What are you talking about bitch? The guy ONLY called you when in town with the Marlins or Mets, and you're saying he put on a show? Sounds like he was pretty up front to me...

Not evil enough? Here's the real kicker:

"On the straying slugger's sexual prowess in bed, Alisio then added, "He's all right but below what I expected." "

Wouldn't want to be the Post's Mets beat writers after today's game...

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