As someone that's been arrested for urinating in public, I've got a soft spot for guys out there like Red Berenson that have been brought up on the same charges.

But my heart really goes out to former "Up Close" host and ESPN field reporter, Gary Miller. You remember him: he was the guy with the shit-eating grin stuck on his face.

Well check out what happened to Miller in between games of the 1997 ALCS between the Indians and Orioles.

From the AP:

CLEVELAND - ESPN's Gary Miller, a host for the cable sports network's "Baseball Tonight," was arrested Saturday and charged with urinating out the window of a Cleveland nightclub onto off-duty police officers.

Miller, 40, of Branford, Conn., was arrested at about 1:30 a.m. at The Basement, a popular dance club in Cleveland's Flats neighborhood. He was charged with public indecency, aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, police Sgt. Mark Hastings said...

Hastings said Miller was seen urinating out an upstairs window at The Basement. Two undercover officers were sprayed with urine, Hastings said.
The R. Kelly of sports?

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