Snakes on a Plane.
Mothafuckin' Snakes on Mothafuckin' Planes.

That, in a nutshell, is "Snakes on a Plane." The Great Zubino and myself went with a few friends to catch a screening of Sam Jackson's newest movie on Thursday night. I have no doubt that I was the oldest person in the theater. Now, loyal readers know that The Realests are not mature, would never pretend to be mature, and find the concept of pretending to be mature very douchebaggy. Well, I think I was a little too mature for the movie. It was a sad realization as I sat there thinking "Who thought this was a good idea?" while my brother sat three seats down from me, the veins on his face almost exploding from laughter, shaking our entire row of seats out of excitement.

A few highlights from the movie:
1) The bad guy from Karate Kid 2 is the bad guy.
2) Nudity.
3) Snakes biting penises, nipples, and eyeballs.
4) Keenan Mitchell, of SNL and Nickelodeon fame, being a hero.
5) Sam Jackson screaming, "Turn this big motherfucker left!!!"

Lots of people will talk about how great this movie is for blogger culture, etc. And it is. But it was a bad movie. A gloriously bad movie. And one that The Realests will definitely own on DVD when it comes out.

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