I hope one thing comes out of tonight's fight between the Knicks and Nuggets: Carmelo Anthony labeled a bitch.

If you watch the replay closely, Melo thinks he is all hard cuz he shoves over Channing Frye - the Courtney Sims of the NBA. Then when Jared Jeffries became possessed, the world realized what a front Melo really is. Carmelo should never be able to live down running the full length of the court after punching another man in the face.

So that got me searching for Melo's famous "Stop Snitchin'" video where he acts all hard, and I find something almost as good - The Game pleading with 50 Cent to stop snitchin'.

The kicker is the watermark on the screen: "G-unot television." I'm calling our cable operator first thing tomorrow morning.

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