A week after selling our souls and throwing our support behind Notre Dame, everyone in Michigan has turned into UCLA fans overnight.

Seeing as the Bruins have dropped 7 straight to USC and lost last season by 47 points, things aren't looking very good.

The only reasons we have hope are A) UCLA has to beat USC eventually (or not) and B) UCLA should have beaten Notre Dame at home (although that doesn't mean shit).

J. Brady said he is just hoping the game is close so that there is controversy about sending USC to the title game.

But what if USC pounds UCLA and there is no debate? What is left for Michigan fans to cheer for?

The answer: chaos. And it's still possible.

Here's how: If USC beats Ohio State in the title game and Boise State wins the Fiesta Bowl, well then there's only one unbeaten in college football left.

But that's not the case Boise State has. The case is that the Broncos and Trojans have one common opponent: Oregon State. Boise throttled the Beavers by 28 points, while USC lost.

Boise would still get the shaft like Auburn a couple years ago, but at least we could bitch about something with the BCS. Go blue.

If all else fails, cheer for Jared...

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