After watching Ohio State ball out of control against North Carolina minus The Behemoth, I really got to thinking: The Ohio State University owns us.

We've already lost 5 out of 6 in football, and we will have lost 5 straight in basketball after this season barring a miracle (and a meeting in the Big Ten Tournament, which would make it six).

Things aren't looking good after we lost to an N.C. State team missing its top three players from last season (OK, they had Atsur for like 5 minutes) and run by a D-list coach that picked us his degree this summer.

Oh yeah, and J. Brady is already talking boycott again.

Everyone circle February 6th on your calenar - a.k.a. Oden-Sims I - when Michigan will reach the lowest point since the Brian Ellerbe era. I wouldn't be surprised if Greg Oden got so mad just looking at Courtney Sims that he punched him in the face at tipoff.

By the way, this picture of Oden on Deadspin is amazing...