It's gonna be a big couple of months for rap music. In the next few months we can expect releases from the The Game, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Jay-Z, Ghostface, and others. The discussion will inevitably turn to who moved more units, who dissed who, who should have gotten more promotion, etc. You won't here any of that nonsense from The Realests. The beginning and end of every discussion is Jay-Z. Regardless of our bias, however, we enjoy listening to other rappers for their creativity and feeble attempts at throwing rocks at the throne.

Weezy F.

In that vein, we were happy to hear Lil Wayne's freestyle of Jay's "Show Me What You Got." The Great Zubino put me up on Lil Wayne a while ago and Carter II has gotten consistent airplay on my iPod. Despite his fraudulent claim of being the best rapper alive, I enjoy Lil Wayne. He seems like he cares when he's rapping and his wordplay is pretty good. Well, he's taken his game to a new level with this latest freestyle. Witness the truth:

"I have no brain, I'm retarded. We're not the same, I'm a martian" -- Lil Wayne

Marvin? Wayne? Hov?

I'm speechless. Probably the best line I've ever heard...until I buy Ron Artest's new album. Here's a sample lyric - "I don't feel I'm insane, the world's crazy." Don't worry Ron, I'll do the dishes - you cooked the food for thought.

Scholar, Gentleman, Defensive Player of the Year, Grammy Winner...

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son said...

i thought it was subpar in the sense of wit or being clever

i think of worse things than that