Don't even get us started on the debacle of The Real World: Key West. It's pretty obvious that the MTV brass weren't happy with last season's sobfest that was consumed by Paula's problems.

So it's back to the bread and butter for "Real World: Denver" - drunken debauchery and hot chicks.

Let's be honest: there's been one hot chick in the last three seasons (Key West, Austin, Philadelphia): Melinda. And it almost wasn't even worth it - watching Danny get jealous every episode while she ran around with the dirty rooster hairdo.

But finally MTV's gotten it's act together with not one, but two hot chicks this season: Jennifer and (to a slightly lesser extent) Brooke. (Correction: we were duped into thinking Brooke was hot from her pictures and Jennifer isn't so much hot as she is a smelly pirate hooker.)

But that's not all, folks.

Jonathan Murray has gone balls to the wall with two black guys this season (think Chapelle Show's Mad Real World). We really hope the motto is: "One house! Two black guys! All rules are off!"

If that's not enough, it's gotten rave reviews from the New York Post, which was the first to slam last year's season.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 PM.


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