Ricky Davis has been pretty quiet since heading up to Minnesota. No temper tantrums, no passing the ball everytime he touches it, no shooting the ball every time he touches it, no almost triple-doubles, no slam-dunks followed by inadvertently/purposely kicking a defender in the head while hanging on the rim. But, luckily the Sports Guy found a gem about Ricky. (Note: I still hate the Sports Guy, don't get it twisted). The following quote is in reference to the new Celtics dance team:

"Before tipoff, there was a lot of good-natured joking about the new in-game entertainment and who would or would not be paying attention to Doc Rivers during huddles. Pierce revealed that before being traded, Ricky Davis was the biggest proponent of a dance team in Boston. 'I won't get a chance to check them out; I'll be in the huddle,' said Pierce, as he offered a sideways glance, showing how he just might get a glimpse. 'I know Ricky Davis really promoted it. I know he did, for sure. He used to ask why we didn't have them.'"

Ricky, we would expect nothing less from you. You are a hero to us all. Simmons, on the other hand, is not real. He followed up the Ricky quote with his own analysis:

Come on, man! Ricky needs cheerleaders! And you wonder why he's played in seven playoff games in eight seasons.
Ricky is everything that is right about sports. He doesn't need a joker like Simmons challenging him. Plus, at least he's leering at women who are legal (we see you Deshawn Stevenson - you scumbag).

Ricky belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of Realness

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