After he was cut on October 24th by the Miami Heat, we've been biding our time until Daniel Horton resurfaced.

Do you want the good new or the bad news?

The good news is that he's still on the beach.

The bad news is that's in Izmir, Tukey.

That's right folks, Daniel Horton is playing basketball right here (team roster).

What really chaps our asses about this is that the Heat kept former Notre Dame guard Chris Quinn. Chris Quinn?!

Chris Quinn couldn't take one drag off Daniel Horton's blunt. He couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag - with scissors in his hand, bitch the RZA.

Didn't the Heat's scouts see last year's NIT game when Horton dominated Quinn in the double OT classic?

Fuckin' Notre Dame...

"Turkey????? Awe shiiiiiiiiiiit..."

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Dools said...

Dudes, I was at that NIT game vs. Notre Dame and I wouldn't say that Horton school Quinn at all. And I hate Notre Dame.