Have had an eventful day so far today - eventful being a relative word of course. Here's the recap - as always, even if you don't think that you're interested in my day, you really are.

-- Bought a suit at Lord & Taylor today. Big up to Allen and Ron in the suit department who had me out of the store in less than 40 minutes. Road dogs. Big up for the discount too. This experience adds further evidence to my theory that the old guys that work in suit departments are the nicest, most knowledgeable salespeople in the world. If you walk up to them with a healthy dose of humility and kindness, they'll be a road dog for life. But I always feel bad when I meet them because I'm dressed like a slob and they're rock suits every day. And they don't rock suits because they want to be fashionable or because they are forced to. They wear suits because they love suits. Now that's gangster.

-- In other news, the Italian Chicken Sandwich is back at Burger King. In my opinion, there is no better sandwich in the world than the Italian Chicken Sandwich. I'm planning on starting a petition to have it added to the permanent BK menu. It's a gangster sandwich.

-- Finally, the Bulls beat the Heat by about 40 points last night. I hope this isn't an indication of things to come. We know that the Heat are going to sleep walk through the regular season and we know that there was going to be an inevitable let down on the night that they got their rings...but come on. Regardless, every second that I see Ben Wallace in a Bulls uniform feels like someone is slapping me in the face....with their dick.

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