'Sheed had a pretty awful game against the Kings last night - something along the lines of 0 points (but he did have 15 rebounds - suck it, Ben). Though he wasn't able to keep his shooting touch, he was able to keep his sense of humor (via TrueHoop):

Rasheed Wallace was scoreless, missing all nine of his shots (though he pulled down 15 rebounds).

The best shot Wallace took all night came at the expense of a courtside heckler.

“Rasheed, you’re 0-for-8,” the guy yelled.

“I don’t care if I am 0-for-1,000, at least I’m not wearing a pink and lime green shirt,” said Wallace, who for the rest of the game referred to the heckler as Fruit Loop.
If Rasheed can keep his wits about him with a 2-3 record, I think Pistons fans can rest assured that trouble isn't brewing on the horizon and the Pistons will be just fine.

Hecklers beware...

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