Like the rest of the nation, we're devastated by Larry Coker's dismissal at Miami.

Greg Schiano has probably already bought a house in Ft. Lauderdale but what kind of message are you sending the kids when you hire the coach of Rutgers?

So we've decided to put together a list of best candidates to fill the vacancy:

1. Dennis Erickson, Idaho head coach - Erickson ran the dirtiest program in the history of college football and won 2 national titles doing it while at "The U."

2. George O'Leary, UCF head coach - He's nearby and sets a great example for his kids in the classroom.

3. Gary Barnett, Unemployed - You think Willie Williams had crazy recruiting trips? Wait until Gary Barnett hits South Bech. Miami would get the talent they were getting 5 years ago in no time.

4. Mike Price, UTEP head coach - You probably thought this guy was in rehab. There is no doubt Price's first move would be putting a pole in the locker room.

5. Rick Neuheisel, Ravens QB coach - Always a players coach, the notorious "pay for play" system would be back in effect - granted, we're not sure how much cash 2 Live Crew and Luther Campbell are throwing around these days...

6. Howard Schnellenberger, Florida Atlantic head coach - Speaking of comebacks: the coach of the 1983 national championship 'Canes is doing a great job of turning around the FAU program (outscored in its first four games this year 192-12).

7. Lamar Thomas, Unemployed - Who cares if he doesn't know anything about coaching? Just imagine this guy running around the locker room screaming, "Nobody comes into the O.B. and disrespects the U.!!!!" That'd be good for at least 9 wins a season.

Doesn't this seem like ages ago???

P.S. Did anyone see the SoFlo coach crying after the win over West Virginia. That guy should be fired immediately, followed by an apology from the school president.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it a turn around at FAU as much as collecting paychecks for four straight games; something close to $2 mill I believe.

We were 5-3 in our last eight. Outscoring 161 to 107 when we were not going on the road for paychecks.

Vince said...

In the PS, you mention the coach who may be the best value for the dollar in Jim Leavitt. Doubt he would leave Tampa though...good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Jeff Bowden