This is all we got for now:

On how often he prepared for Ohio State:
"Every day! It was our strategy here to do something to beat Ohio State every day! Even if it's in the first meeting of the year, we talked about it."

On Lloyd Carr's 1-4 record against Jim Tressel:
"I don't give a damn about Tressel! Or Lloyd having to beat this guy or that guy. That's hogwash!

On this year's game:
"I don't make any predictions, none at all. I'm just going to tell you one thing: It's going to be a whale of a battle.

On the Big Ten Conference:
"We had an antiquated leadership in the Big Ten Conference. It wasn't until 1973, when they literally screwed us out of the Rose Bowl, and I mean it exactly the way I said it."

On the Big Ten and Pac-10 joining the BCS:
"It just bothers me that the Big Ten and Pac-10 caved in. We were still the most dominant bowl game there was, the greatest matchup, between two great conferences. It was what college football was all about, and we caved in. We joined the BCS. We didn't have to do that. And it was all about money."

On retirement after the 1990 Rose Bowl:
"The one thing I won't miss in retirement is incompetent officials."

On his 1-6 Rose Bowl record before the 1987 game:
"I can give you a thousand excuses, from the playing surface to the distance we travel. But when it all boils down, that's hogwash . . . If they beat us again, damn it to hell, we'll all be mad, but I'm not going to worry about it, although I probably should because I'm the worst guy doing it."

On coaching again:
"Would I ever take a coaching job? How do I know? I've never been offered one. I might just say the hell with it, I'll do it." - The Toledo Blade

On coaching under Woody Hayes:
''I said, 'Geez, how much longer are you going to coach?' And he said, 'Oh, four or five years, probably.' Well, I went to Miami and he coached 17 years after I left, so I don't think he was really truthful with me.''

On the possibility the Michigan basketball coach would make more than the football coach:
"I have two words for you - never happen. It will never happen here. What do you think this thing was built on? Everybody should know that." - The Detroit News

On replacing basketball coach Bill Frieder with Steve Fisher in 1989 after Frieder accepted the head job at Arizona State:
"I don't want somebody from Arizona State coaching the Michigan team. A Michigan man is going to coach Michigan."

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