A lot of liberals are considering voting for Republican Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 election. Consider yourself warned:

The New York Post recently did a piece on Rudy Giuliani's biggest obstacles to becoming the next U.S. President - i.e. being very liberal on social issues, living with two gay men at one point and openly cheating on his second wife while he was mayor.

And then just thrown in there as an afterthought was this bombshell: "Married his cousin."

Say what?

Apparently, Rudy married a childhood friend from Long Island named Reginna Peruggi and had the marraige annulled by the Catholic Church 14 years later "after he realized" they were second cousins (if confused, click here for an explanation). Thankfully, they didn't have children.

According to London's "The Independent," Giuliani claimed he thought Peruggi was only a third cousin, adding "few have ever bought it."

a third cousin???

And Giuliani's uncle, also named Rudy, said this to the New York Daily News in 1997:

"I knew they were second cousins. It seemed natural. They shared common interests."

Tell me that quote won't come back to haunt America's Mayor.

When he debates Hillary Clinton, doesn't all she have to say is, "I might have married a dirtbag, but not a cousin," and it's over?

Hillary might as well concede West Virginia ...

P.S. Posts about the debacles surrounding Braylon Edwards and Michigan basketball are coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Albert Einstein's parents were cousins, and he married his cousin, too.

FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt were second cousins

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