If you read The Realests regularly (and you should, there's absolutely no reason not to), then you might be lead to think that we only care about basketball, rap music, sports references, video games, ham and cheese omelettes, turkey burgers, Kumar and Bobby and the guys at Waverly, tapioca pudding, and ourselves. Well, we also care about this country.

After seeing Borat a few nights ago, we were very amused and very troubled. Amused because of the sheer balls it took for Sasha Baron Cohen to pull off most of the things that he did in the movie and troubled because of the things that it revealed about parts of our country. It's one thing to know that there's anti-Semitism, homophobia, and racism in America; but it's another thing altogether to see people revel in it as if it's no big deal.

Anyway, with yesterday's election purporting to be a referendum on the last 6 years of the Bush Adminstration, it looks like Americans had a chance to have their voices heard. With the Democrats winning back the House and probably winning back the Senate, the GOP is now scrambling to make sure that they don't get bent over in 2008. The ax had to fall on someone... and it fell on Donald Rumsfeld.

It's a good thing he's gone, because he was largely responsible for the tangled situation in Iraq and the general decline of American popularity around the world. Had it not been for Flavor Flav and Kevin Federline's immense popularity around the world, Rummy might have tarnished the U.S. image permanently. Seriously though, we're glad to see him gone.

But before everyone starts patting themselves on the back, The Realests would like to make two quick points. The first is that his resignation isn't going to magically turn around the mess that's already there. The second is that this resignation doesn't mean that President Bush has suddenly seen the error in his ways. All it means is that the GOP is pissed that it lost the midterm elections and is attempting to ensure that 2008 doesn't go badly for them. This resignation/firing is something that should have happened a long time ago.

It's sad that it seems that this administration values keeping Democratic bodies out of legislative seats more than it values keeping American soldiers out of body bags.

Clearly, we need more bozacks...

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