If you guys haven't noticed, I've been struck by a recent case of writer's block. I feel like Rick Ankiel. One day I'm throwing 100 MPH heaters on the corner of the plate, the next thing I can't stop chucking the ball into the stands.

But out of nowhere I was struck with an epiphany about Britney Spears' comeback attempt.

Brace yourself:

Her first single should be a "Stronger" remix with The Game. Think about the symmetry (Timberlake and 50 Cent remix to "Cry Me a River") and brilliance of that for a bit, while you enjoy the original:

P.S. I want royalties...

Note from Varun: We just got off the phone with The Game's manager. They're making the record tonight and we're filming the video in our apartment tomorrow. We'll be the one in the background holding bottles of Armadale.

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