Who thinks we need to pool our money together, fly Eric McNeal to Ann Arbor and have him doing coke off a stripper's ass by tomorrow night?

The guy's a redshirt senior and what's to lose? The Emerald Bowl against Florida State?

That was the play of the century and McNeal will forever be a MICHIGAN MAN!

Eric: Drinks are on us anytime...

UPDATE: With Florida's win, we are in for the longest 20 hours in the history of sports news. And which genius is going to coin the phrase, "Yesterday, we saw all that was right with college football. Today, we're seeing all that's wrong with it." Our guess is Herbstreit.

Coke? Strippers? Willie Williams is down...

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bongizzle said...

I agree....100% with you my friend!

I'd like to donate $300 towards this noble cause!