Didn't Urban Meyer look like a spoiled brat that had gotten his way tonight, with that little smirk on his face?

This is the third time in four years a team has gotten screwed out of the title game (USC, Auburn and now Michigan in 2006) and it's time to stop.

A playoff will never happen because the BCS doesn't want to penalize a team like Ohio State that went undefeated. It would destroy the "every week counts" idea and, to be fair, we would hate a playoff if we went undefeated.

We've devised a much better - and simpler - solution - it's called the honor system.

If two teams are within .02 of each other in the final BCS standings, here's what should happen. The coach of No. 3 should call the coach No. 2 in a conference call with reporters.

For example, this year Lloyd Carr would call Urban Meyer and politely extend an invitation to settle this on the field. If Meyer said yes, Michigan would have to travel to The Swamp and play the Gators next weekend. If Meyer said no, Lloyd would wish him luck in the BCS and call him a bitch.

Now if Ohio State wins the national title, then none of this matters. But if Florida goes on to win the national title, there would be an asterisk permanently next to their name in the NCAA record books that looked like this:

National Champion (Year):
USC (2004)
Texas (2005)
Florida (2006) *

* Cooters

Give us one flaw with this system...

* Cooter


Sam said...

Well there is the problem that an undefeated still gets screwed.

"Say what you want about Boise State, but the Broncos beat everyone on their schedule, including Oregon State."

And the toughest conference, The Big East, (Better winning percentage against the other BCS conferences than any other), doesn't get a cut of the action.

Not to mention, the illogical unwritten law that an early-season loss hurts less than a late-season loss still factors in.

But, flaws aside, it would certainly improve the situation.

Anonymous said...

But Michigan already lost to Ohio State. They already lost. They're not getting screwed. They already lost in the last game of the season. It's not the same as USC and Auburn. They lost already.

Ian said...

I'm pretty sure Florida lost already this season too.

Anonymous said...

This is some really pathetic shit. The Realest? I mean, I like the rest of the blog, but this post is the fakest. And ya didn't have the minerals to admit that UF would have dominated Michigan the same way they spanked OSU. Sad, sad, sad, sad.