24: Realest Style

We've decided to take our future into our own hands. Since the mainstream American film industry has decided to blackball us, we're doing this guerilla style. We'd like to offer you an advance screening of our first short film.

Filmed on an extremely low budget with life-threatening conditions, we managed to capture the essence of the script, our lives, and our experiences. Even with a studio/roommate who didn't want to see a successful production and a lead actor/dog that was incredibly hungry and refused to cooperate, our brave cast and crew managed to dig deep and really find their inspiration.

We hope you enjoy the movie in its unedited form. Soon enough we will have it up with full edits. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you - "24: Realest Style"

Jack Bauer - The Realest
Scared Hostage/CTU Operative - Wall Pablo
Tan Tony Almeida - The Realest
Insane Terrorist/Dog - Woodrofolous the Dog

Script - The Realests + Wall Pablo (special thanks to Droffo)
Cinematography - The Realest
Director - The Realest

Special Thanks
This would have never happened without the following people:
24, Bauer, Almeida, Droffo, Coach


24: Realest Style

1 comment:

zima said...

haha that shit is amazing, when i come up there, were making one.

if i were you guys, jack should whip out an airsoft gun and just start pelting someone., or pistol whipping.

btw. i can make a better tony than varun, and i AM calling him out on that.