Higher Education Institution or Penitentiary Preparation Center?

Loyal Readers,

Apparently Maurice Clarett reads The Realests and he is furious at being left out of the running for 2005's Realest of the Year. Now, Clarett had an off year in 2005 - no one can dispute that - he made the pros but then got the ax from Shanahan and the Broncos. It must have torn him apart that he couldnt stay on the team long enough to do some truly stupid stuff in the NFL. Luckily, there is plenty of stupid stuff you can do when you arent in the NFL.

At least Charles Woodson hasn't resorted to a life of crime yet.

This is a good sign for The Realests - on only the first day of 2006, we already have a very strong nominee for Realest of the Year.

Thanks to THE Ohio State "University," Jim Tressel, Maurice Clarett's mom, and the bar owner who identified Clarett.

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