5. Robert Swift's Everything

We pick up where we left things off Monday with another honky. Ex-teammate Rashard Lewis: "That's the real Robert Swift. The first couple of years... he was trying to hide the things he liked to do and didn't really express himself." The one thing that hasn't changed about Swift? His game. In what was supposed to be his breakout year, he hurt his knee and played in just 8 contests. With all that free time, who knows what he'll look like by next season.

4. Jason Williams: "WHIT" "EBOY"

We've already gone into detail about how Jason Williams is white trash. How many times do you think White Chocolate has gone home to Charleston and shown off his knuckles to his inbred friends, followed by the question: "Why da hell'd chu get 'whit' 'eboy' on dem knuckles far?" We couldn't say it any better.

3. Stephen Jackson's Desert Eagle

Praying with a desert eagle in your hand seems to defeat the purpose, no? But maybe not when you're praying to murder people every day like Stephen Jackson is. In straight thuggery, this is up there with 2Pac's infamous "Thug Life" tat.

2. Mike Tyson's Face Tattoo

We really believe this was Tyson's most shocking moment. Not bad considering he's bitten Holyfield's ear off, threatened to eat Lennox Lewis' non-existent children and done the Monster Mash with Bobby Brown on national TV. But Mike seriously, when are you going to get the other side done?

1. Dennis Rodman's Super Slut

Most times, we find anything Dennis Rodman does extremely contrived, stupid and way overhyped ("Oh, he went with the rainbow hair tonight!!!!"). Not this time. In this Kingpin inspired portrait, we find a sweet young lass spreadin' em and giving us full lip-on-lip action that defies all physics and decency (click for a closer look). Even more shocking? You can find this pic on AOL Sports' site.


Mitchell Blatt, Juiced Sports Blog.com said...

Delonte West is probably crying now that you left him off the list. Don't you feel bad for him? He has tats all over his arms, face, and even neck, and he's just as much of white trash as Jason Williams. Give the man his due.

Anonymous said...

I already know so many people with tattoo designs regret and most of them are still in their mid-twenties...just wait till you pass 50 and you are going to feel like a real dumbass--especially since they be all faded and blury on your loose skin.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mitchell...

I know he's extremely light skinned, but last time I checked Delonte West was black. I will say that his tats are horrendous though.

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