You have no idea how happy it makes us to be the No. 1 result on Google when people type in "I hate the Spurs."

We don't know what to say, folks. The Spurs have bitched and flopped their way to another Western Conference Finals and people are typing in "hate the Spurs" like crazy on the interweb.

You've come to the right place to sulk, as we figured it was our duty to give you 10 more reasons to hate the Spurs.

Drumroll, please:

10. Dealing with San Antone's thunder sticks for another round.

9. Cheap-shot Bob becoming the new Bruce Bowen.

8. Spurs fans, which by the tone of their cheering, appear to be 90% high school girls.

7. Tony Parker getting Reggie Miller to say "Cash money" last night.

6. That damn coyote. Moondog would kick your ass.

5. Peja Stojakovic. Wait, he's not on the Spurs? Could have fooled us...

4. Tim Duncan's jester tattoo. Tim, if a jester's job is to entertain, you are the anti-jester (and if someone leaves a post about how there's nothing more entertaining than good, hard-nosed basketball, I'm just going to snap).

3. Manu Ginobili bitching when other people flop. Yeah, CP3 pulled your favorite move. You should have been applauding him.

2. Tony Parker's personal red neck cheering section Shhhhing the Hornets fans.

1. They knocked Rick Flair out of the playoffs!!!! We feel like Jack Nicholson in Batman after losing his balloons.


Anonymous said...

you forgot tony parkers fucking rap video.

Anonymous said...

there's nothing more entertaining than good, hard-nosed basketball

Anonymous said...

Wow the stupidest reasons to hate the spurs. You all have nothing else to do but sit on your fat ass and talk shit about a great team. You all aren't even talking about the fucking game. really Tony's rap video or Tim Duncans tattoo that's a great reason to hate the spurs If you are going to talk shit about the spurs talk about the game not the fans or the players.