(Update: Still fuming over last night's Hornets-Spurs game? You've come to the right place. Click here for 10 more reasons to hate the Spurs).

You know what is getting really annoying during these NBA Playoffs? Listening to announcers talk about how the Spurs are underappreciated.

In yesterday's game vs. the Jazz, the following excruciating exchange took place between Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy.

Breen: Some people call their style vanilla...
Van Gundy: Well then I just changed my favorite ice cream!

Fine, you wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts. Here are 10 things we hate about the Spurs:

10. Manu Ginobili's flopping
9. Shots of the Riverwalk
8. Tim Duncan's look of shock every time he gets called for a foul
7. Greg Popovich's face
6. Bruce Bowen's cheap shots
5. Brent Barry
4. Fabricio Oberto's hair
3. The fact Robert Horry has 6 rings
2. Manu Ginobili's flopping
1. Tony Parker's rap video

Somehow, France just got gayer:


Laju said...

i hate manu's soccer-player-worthy flops and tony parker's pathetic attempts to be france's version of p diddy as much as the next person, but tim duncan's bitching like a 3-year old after every call has to be higher on this list.

Ken said...

Don't forget the 4 minute commercials about San Antonio and that damn riverwalk they're going to show during each game of the NBA finals.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Raja Bell and Steve Nash both didn't flop a single time that whole series did they? Everyone whines about the spurs being floppers and whiners. What about Raja Bell flopping and Amare/D'Antoni crying? Why do they get a free pass?

Anonymous said...

Yea, i would say D'Antoni complains about 10 times more than duncan. Go to youtube and put in Raja Bell Flopping and you'll see some soccer-esque moves. Or how about Nash's, i can't play defense so i'll just take charges. He gets so many charging calls that no one els would get.

Coach POP said...

wah...wah...wah... there is no crying in Basketball either... :-)
You guys need to quite blogging and join the military or get a job.

bigbluerulz said...

Parker's video is retarded. I feel more stupid for wasting my time witht that. Duncan's incessant whining, accompanied with his bug-eyed look that he can do no wrong, deserves to be no. 1 on the list. He freakin' complains even when the call is going his way!!! I think SA deserves to be dubbed "the evil empire" since the freaking Yankees are 9 games behind Boston. Here's to the Jazz evening the series and eventually taking it so we don't have to deal with the freaking riverwalk anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

Brent Barry?? yes, certainly one of the most hated figures in sports. uh...

Anonymous said...

Preach brother, preach!

Anonymous said...

uggg, see more masculine play in the WNBA than you get from the Spurssies. It's all pretty well summed up by a question from a curious female compatriot after watching a particularly daytime soap opera worthy flop by Womanu......"don't you have to actually be touched for it to be a foul?"

'nough said.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I just found my favorite Blog site! I HATE THE SPURS!! Parker and Manu spend more time on their backs during a game then any other players. And Timmy thinks any call against him is a travesty. The NBA has become a joke because of teams like the Spurs. Remember at the beginning of the year they were talking about looking closer at players "flopping." Well, the NBA now has an entire post season of Spurs basketball footage to show them what needs to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Keep the hate comin'...Bet every single one of those comments has been left by the LOSERS representing cities with LOSING TEAMS....As much as you all got to say,...the burning keeps you coming back to watch THE CHAMPS what is SA SPURS basketball...real basketball!!! take your hateraide and quench your thirst, haha...we are gonna win another championship, HATE THAT!!!

Anonymous said...

The Spurs are a low class team. As a playoff caliber team they sat a perfectly healthy David Robinson for a quarter season just to get a better lottery slot. They routinely have bench players take cheap shots in order to incite retaliation from opposing starters. And their "good defense", for the rest of the NBA that's called "fouling". Go Caveliers!!!

Anonymous said...

Woow! There are a lot of SPURS haters and a lot of idiots out there. There is a difference between good defense and fouling and I guess uneducated basketball fans don't understand. The Spurs are a great team and will go down as a DYNASTY and you can cry all you want but we don't really care! Also, whoever said the Cavs had a chance is an idiot . They are the worst teams the Spurs have played in the playoffs all year!
Only people who don't know anything about basketball would say that playing good defense is "fouling". Have an opinion and know what you're talking about or don't post!
Finally, the Cavs might get one game so don't jump on me when the Spurs lose game 3! However, the series has been over since the beginning of Game 1. Thanks for playing reast of the NBA and have a good offseason, we'll be celebrating here in SA!

Anonymous said...

Its so funny how Spurs fans say that the rest of us are idiots when most of them can't even spell. Have fun celebrating in San Antonio with yet another asterix trophy. And you say that we are whiners? Cry babies?
We learned from the best. Sturd fans and their cry baby team. I firmly believe that the entire fan base for San Antonio and the coaches and team get together and practice their boobing during the week so they can all do it together in unison. You are the ones who started the rest of the league whining and complaining. Good defense you say? I guess you are right, it is good, crafty even. They know what they can get away with and the push that to the limits and the league lets them. Have fun with the No Fun All Defense League. The ratings will continue to drop until the league disbands and we start the ABL up again. So sad. I even like San Antonio, pretty place, I love going there. But its so sad that they are so quick to deny all that REAL basketball fans can see is such a travisty. Question, when you play pick up ball are you so concerned with defense that you'll intentionally foul someone to get them off their game? Again, sad. I love the pure game of basketball, where every one is just out there running up and down the court for FUN.

Matt Fairweather said...

All I can say is the finals series was rigged... how many times did a no call against Tim's overthe backs, result in a 3??? how many times will tim get away with an over the back call... the nba needs a new dynasty and no matter how good the cavs play .. its hard to win a game of 5 on 6.... 6 being the spurs plus the referees

Anonymous said...

I hope you Sturd fans enjoy yet another * trophy. 50% of your championships were surrounded by contreversy. And you also set new records for least points scored by a winning team in the finals almost three times and a new low for ratings for the finals. Man, what a postseason you guys have strived for. Reaching new lows in playing and cheating. Great job.

Oh, and one more thing. We may be whining now but you and your team are the ones who taught the rest of the league to do so. I know that there are at least two or three times a week where the fans and the team get together and practice their whining and name calling to get the refs to listen to them and get them on their side. Think that there was nothing to the Joey Crawford incedent? I say that was created so that the other refs would be afraid to even point a whistle at Tim Duncan. Oh well. One day the Spurts will be down and we'll all get to laugh at them.

Anonymous said...

what else guys? Spurs are NBA CHAMPIONS! So Love them!

A french fan of Spurs and their game

Robert Kleeman said...

You people are the worst crybabies in sports.
You whine a lot more about the Spurs and Tim Duncan than Duncan whines to the officials - A LOT MORE.
I will admit, as Duncan is my favorite player, there are often times when I've wanted him to just play. He has done a much better job of playing through rough calls, correct but difficult calls and no-calls.

Are you familiar with Rasheed Wallace? Does the name ring a bell?
How can you say Duncan is the biggest whiner in the NBA when a technical foul regulation was put in place this season largely because the Pistons' forward gets angry nearly every time he gets called for a foul.

Shouldn't how you handle yourself off the court count for something?
Since when has Duncan been on the podium and ripped the officials for calling a poor game?

Does he complain about foul calls after the game? NO!
So, shut up and quite whining yourself.

What international players like Ginobili and Dirk Nowitzki bring to the NBA is a stoic competitiveness. Flop? Argue calls?

Flopping and contesting calls are sadly part of competing. Since officiating has become such a paramount part of this great game, the truly driven players do whatever is necessary, within the rules, to swing momentum their teams' way.

As long as the NBA continues to reward floppers at least 60 percent of the time, Anderson Varejao, Raja Bell, Steve Nash, Ginobili and the many others will continue flopping. If you want professional basketball to remain competitive you should expect nothing less.

As for defense not being fun, who said it should be?
What do you really want from the NBA?

Do you want team basketball where players are well-spoken and respectful off the court and where playing both ends is essential to victory?

Or do you merely want a game that reinforces the stereotype of thuggish-looking black people showboating?

Oh wait, we have that, it's called the All Star Game.

The Spurs are the best rebuttal to any racist who says the NBA is just that. And the teams they have inspired with their play, The Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers and perhaps next season's Milwaukee Bucks, all boast players who are accountable and don't make excuses. Offensively, every player on the team values sharing the ball. Defensively, every player values achieving the team goal of forbidding the opponent from easy baskets.

The Phoenix Suns fans, some of the players and the media members are the WORST bunch of sore-losing whiners I have ever encountered. They act like whimps instead of facing reality. Nash is a class-act, but Stoudemire and a few others have work to do.

Have you seen D'Antoni whine and complain? How you could put Duncan in the same paragraph is beyond me.

When I think of what I want out of the NBA, a glorified pick up game is not what comes to mind.

Leave that crap basketball for the All Star game.

You can attach whatever adjective you want to defensive style games, but they win championships.

And as any San Antonio fan will tell you, we wouldn't trade those four championships for anything. Who would?

So, do you want championship basketball or a sloppy, heavy turnover, no-defense whatsoever pick up game?

When people write malevolently about the Spurs, I smiled inside because I know it means they've done something right.

No ordinary team could inspire this much whining, complaining, and frustrated anger.

So continue hating and perhaps the ABL will rear its head again.
And continue rehashing the same tired arguments about this dynastic Spur team.

Continue to contradict yourself when you accuse this team of being both dirty and boring (these two adjectives naturally conflict), Tim Duncan of being emotionless and also the biggest complainer (complaining is a signal of emotionalism) and Manu of being the only flopper in the NBA (does John Stockton ring a bell?).

And throw whatever asterix you want on any of those four Larry O' Brien trophies. It will mean about as much as Roseanne Barr giving singing lessons.

I'll take the championships, thank you very much!

sicadacheatin said...

First off, I wanna thank you guys for coming out and saying what almost every professional sports analyst is afraid to; the Spurs are dirty cheaters.

It's absurd to say that the Suns are a bunch of whiners. After physical battery akin to first degree assault, I thought Nash and D'Antoni said relatively little. The closest thing to "whining" the Suns did was Amare stating, after Bruce Bowen tried stepping on his recently repaired achilles tendon after a dunk, was to simply ask for a clean game from then on. How did the spurs respond? By Robert Horry giving a nasty hip-check to Nash, when any honorable team would've admitted defeat and committed a intentional reach in.

Yet another brilliantly dirty strategy. Foul a team's star player unnecesarily, and the reaction may be the provocation of other players on the team. In this case, it was Stoudemire and Diaw jumping off the bench in alarm. Although they never got within 10 feet of any Spurs, David Stern jumped on the opportunity to suspend them, saying simply "my hands are tied". Last I checked, Stern is the commisioner of the NBA, giving him final say in all decisions regarding suspensions.

The most enfuriating part about this, yet another misbegotten Spurs championship, is that we were robbed of seeing two of the most exciting offensive teams matched up in the Finals.

To the NBA, the message is simple. Clean this game up before everyone outside of San Antonio becomes ill at the mere sight of the Spurs in the playoffs again.

To all the other die hard fans of the run-n-gun (or organized chaos, as D'Antoni put it) I offer you this. Yes, the records may consider the Spurs champions again, but the truth is that Nash, Stoudemire, and Marion should have led their team to and through the NBA finals. They're champions to me, and anyone that knows what basketball is about more than winning by any means sees where I'm coming from.

AS FOR NASH BEING A FLOPPER, nobody sacrifices his body to take a charge like him. It's just another one of the many unselfish facets that makes him one of the best point guards to play the game.

P.S. I can't help but notice that the Spurs fans know how dirty their team is. On top of that, their only rebuttal is "stop crying" and "look at our championships". A fourth grader could come up with more intelligent criticism.

Anonymous said...

First, it's ASTERISK, ok? Especially for the guy who jumped on the others for spelling.

Second, Robert Kleeman wins. Close the blog.

Anonymous said...

Robert Horry has seven rings.

But nice try with the counting and all.

Bob Wilkens said...

11. Their weaksauce arena announcer.

Anonymous said...

Few years back the Lakers were the most hated team. In the NFL it's the Patriots. In baseball it's the Yankees. What else is new. If you win you're going to be hated. You can keep your 'lovable loser' titles.

Anonymous said...

wah wah...bunch of whiners...you guys can say all you want about manus flopping, asterisk trophys, being boring, phoenix being robbed...regardless the spurs are still the champions

Shane said...

It's amazing that the Spurs get so much hate despite the fact that no one on the team is a thug (and yes, I don't consider Bowen a "Thug" in the stereotypical sense). All this is just sour grapes, honestly,

Anonymous said...

You clowns could have just spoken honestly and trimmed your list by 9 items. It should look like this:

1. The Spurs win, and the media darlings I worship don't.

Work smarter, not harder.

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah! That's all I hear are haters talking spit about the Spurs. Count the Rings.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen anyone bitch as much as Tony Parker. Grow up, be a real man and play ball. STOP WHINING!

Anonymous said...

That illegal pick and roll they run on every offensive play. Whoever sets the first pick (usually Duncan), moves, sticks his fat ass out, shuffles his feet, etc., and the refs never call a freaking moving screen. It should be called every single time, like those ridiculous lane violation calls against Shaq.

It's not hard to understand how those homos, Parker and Ginobili get separation from their men and cause havoc on the pick and roll. They have a football style wedge run for them on every play.

Anonymous said...

Tim Duncun is such a homo. I hate how they keep winning. FUCKKKKKKKKK

Anonymous said...

I'm from Phoenix and just moved to San Antonio - and I came to a strong realization tonight (I'm typing while Tony P's video is playing in the background - what an idiot...)

it's not that I like the Suns that much, it's that I hate the Spurs that much.

Where to begin? Bowen, the stretched out neck of Parker's jersey, Duncan hitting 15 foot jumpers with such modesty and boringness, Bowen, Tony P lowering his shouder and falling down at the least bit of contact - unreal. The guy drives "hard" to the hoop completely out of control, running into everything under the sun (no pun intended), until suddenly he either flops or regains composure after initiating contact with an immobile player, and then throws up a shot and acts like he was mauled - and 1. It's the most frustrating thing in sports to watch, aside from Bonds smirking after hitting one out of the park.

Actually, the entire team is hard to watch, but Parker just pisses me off.

Watching game 5 tonight was tough -not nearly as tough as watching "Tony P" rap...but tough. You know what's worse? Living in San Antonio and being around fans of this team. I'm not just upset that I lost $20 tonight or the fact that even my fiance is upset at the Spurs winning but no one else in San Antonio sees the light (she knows nothing about sports but can't stand the Spurs - no convincing on my part)...I'm upset that this group of belly flopper, "vanilla", "no flare or excitement" team continues to win -and continues to Hack Shaq.

The entire game I couldn't help but think, "Grow a pair of balls and play the game." I think if both teams would have let 'em hang and just played a little more, we'd all be better off.

And, the last thing I hate about the Spurs is Popovich's disinterested remarks to all reporters. He acts as if it's a complete waste of his time to answer the crap question that every coach puts up with and answers. He appears to be an MIT professor who was just asked an entry level calculus question on day 1 and can't beleive his valuable time is being sucked away by such a rudimentary inquiry. His lack of common courtesy for these poor reporters who most likely despise him and his face, confounds me.

So, the question is:

What do you despise more -

1)Tony P's video
2)Popvich's comments to reporters
3)The Spurs in general

Anonymous said...

I hate that when other cities are winning they whine and complain but when they ARE winning, the networks have the same shots of their cities and no one from San Antonio complains. Perhaps it is our southern charm and hospitality. Or it could be that others are just so jealous and don't know how to play basketball so they take out their frustrations virtually. The world may never know...

Anonymous said...


OOOH My name is the SPURS I PLAY DEFENSE...ooooo. MAn that is so annoying. Truthfully there is no such thing as exciting NBA Playoffs until the SPURS and the PISTONS(thats another story) are knocked off. They make the playoffs absolutely boring its like watching the yankees get to the playoffs every year. We need variety, stop hiring girly imported players who get ouchies because a fly touches them. Get imported players like Kirlenko or Pau Gasol. My name is Tony Parker I am married to Eva Longoria because Im french and Im fast. Thats why the team looses with a .4 seconds in the playoffs against the lakers.

Anonymous said...

Ginobli and Parker are little bitches they flop more than a fucking fish out of water.

Anonymous said...

Wow is there any player as dirty as Horry, fist the Nash Check last year and know West back foul, just play the game.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the spurs are without a doubt the gayest team in the nba if idid'nt have abig screen that i love i would have smashed into pieces several times by now just the site of those fuckers makes me want to scream tim dunkin is the biggest cry baby of all time,i would love to t-bag each and everyone of them with my sweatie balls, fuck the spurs i hope the lakers shit all over them

San Antonio Sucks said...

Want to know how much I hate the Spurs? Go to www.myspace.com/SanAntonioSucks. I'm not sure anyone hates the Spurs more than I do. :)

Anonymous said...

Spurs kicked LA butt tonight!! You sorry scum who don't like 'em get ready to hate 'em more. We're going for number 5 baby, so all you whiners get ready to really wail!!!

Jealousy is a sad thing; Can't your sorry teams even make it to the Finals?

You keep whining'; we'll keep winning, whether you like it or not.

talking about hard times. said...

tonight was glorious.

Walton's Wisdom said...

Even though I'm a Laker fan, I have always thought LA's fans were the most irrational. Now, I'm convinced San Antonio's fans are even more ridiculous. Do I seriously see people trying to say other players flop more than Manu, or that Tim Duncan doesn't cry? Unbelievable. Just for that, I'm making a list of the NBA's biggest whiners and Manu is a lock for the number one spot.

Anonymous said...

I think that Manu Ginobili is a hardcore terrorist just look at him and I enjoy seeing the fatty bald spot on the back of his head get bigger with each season. Fuck the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

watching the western conference finals again, great series. Hope the Lakers sweep these losers next year

Anonymous said...

all the spurs fans except one on this page made up shit about every other teams players. why dont they talk about horry's bullshit or bowen hitting his opponent every chance he gets. i mean, nash flopping????????????????????? atleast it looks like he gets hit. the only time manu really got hurt is when kobe hit is ass with his elbow. duncan claps when he gets a foul for him, but can't handle the ref calling against him. like the ref will change his call because you bitch about it. FUCK the spurs

Anonymous said...

fuck the spurs haters it is one the best NBA teams and robert horry is not the whole team!!!!! they are a good team and have the some of the best players DONT HATE APPRICIATE!!!! you hating cause probably this team is better than
yours so stop talking shit and be dont be a sore looser!!!! there is no reason to be anonymous my name is DIANA G and i am the biggest spurs fan!!!!

Anonymous said...


game sportswear said...

I dont hate spurs but I think they have good players in their line up.

Anonymous said...

ha.. all yall hataz fuck all yall
yall mad cuz we alwayz win..HATERZ suck a dick..210 CountDown City mofukkazz....

Anonymous said...


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