If you haven't noticed from our constant one-liners (i.e. Where can I find someone so BEEF-HEADED?!?!), Zoolander is The Realests' favorite movie of all time. Now comes news that Zoolander is on the verge of a sequel, according to a December article in USA Today.

Selfishly, we want the sequel to be done. The excitement surrounding the release of the sequel would be one of the highlights of our lives, and we would definitely both get Zoolander haircuts for the premiere.

But truth be told, 2oolander has a better chance of ruining its legacy, like Tecmo Bowl 2008.

First, can Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson care enough to make a good film anymore?

Stiller is known as the bigger sellout, most recently appearing in the crapfest, Night At the Museum, but it's Wilson we're more disappointed in. This guy went from writing classics like Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tennenbaums, to pumping out crap like You, Me and Dupree.

Second, one of the Zoolander's original writers - Drake Sather - committed suicide in 2004.

That leaves our former idol John Hamburg, who we lost all confidence in after he wrote Meet the Fockers and his evil cronie Anders Bard, the man responsible from keeping Fratboy Missionaries from becoming the next big hit.

Needless to say, we are a little torn.

What say we settle this on the runway????

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