Congratulations, Gary Sheffield!

Sheff has been pretty great batting DH in Detroit so far, so we thought that we'd give him a little extra love (or dap - big up to Wilbon). Detroit seems to have a soft spot for taking in athletes that everyone believes are cancers to their teams (see: Rasheed Wallace, circa 2004) and turning them into the consummate team players that just needed the right environment to thrive in. Well Sheffield, like Rasheed, has always had unbelievable talent - and he's definitely made the most of it - AND he's also been incredibly real over the years.

Steroids, fights with opponents, teammates, even managers...the guy is unbelievable.

Now, from GQ, we find this new gem.

Sheffield, on guns:

In eighth and ninth grades, he brought a gun to school, and he carries one still. "It ain't changed me because I got in the league. It just made me get more of them."

Now, while we don't necessarily agree with Sheffield's view on the Second Amendment, we definitely agree with his right to be real. Holla.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sheed's turnaround sure has lasted. Tough loss, Detroit was the only team out of the final four without someone I didn't despise.
(Spurs- Manu, the flop king. Cavs- Varejao, Manu of the east. Jazz- Jerry Sloan is an asshole.)