As an unemployed slacker going on three months, I will never hate on how people make ends meet. But even I was a little shocked when I came across this picture by former Daily photog and loyal Realest reader Forrest Casey on Facebook today.

We are 65% sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this picture.


Tony said...

Haha that is so creepy. I like she is tagged as "Ashley F__". Way to go pedo Forest...

Forest said...

Yeah, the explination is so unbelievable that I'm almost not going to try. Almost.

Those photos are all from a movie shoot for which I was helping to light and shoot still photography. The movie is called "The Brownbag Adventure" and is directed by Danny Mooney. The rest of the photos in the gallery are from the same movie. The idea for the movie is so terrible it's funny - a secret agent needs a new partner for a special mission. The partner is this nine-year-old girl, Ashley because (apparently) she's bloodthirsty. I honestly don't know what her last name is.

So, yeah. You guys believe me, right?

- Forest

Derek I. Batting said...


This is Derek I. Batting, one of the Executive Producers on "The Brownbag Adventures" that Forest was talking about and a partner in Phantom Pantheon Productions, the production company that is teaming with M-Aginations to create this flick. I wanted to not only confirm his story, but invite you and your millions of readers to come see the premiere of "The Brownbag Adventures" at Babs' Underground Lounge at 213 S. Ashley St. in Ann Arbor, MI on May 29th at 10pm. There you can see for yourself that there is indeed no kiddie porn happening... at least not on our end. What Forest does in his own time is Forest's business. (I'm not really helping, am I?)

Take care!
aka "Sarge" - The Brownbag Adventures

Anonymous said...

Sounds like kid porn to me. Elaborate cover though, Forest and partner, we'll see how it holds up in court.

Anonymous said...

I really don't see the humor in this. I am Ashley's mom and I'm extremely disappointed that Forest doesn't have the brains to call Isaiah, the producer and get the last name--Fauble. She was a co-star in "Brown Bag Adventure" produced by Isaiah Hole and directed by Danny Mooney and she had a blast working with everyone and can't wait to do more film, so please lay off the inappropriate comments