Although we missed this column on its first go-round a couple days ago, we didn't miss the backlash in today's New York Times over William C. Rhoden's column about the Knicks entitled "Poor Decisions, Knicks Deserve a Mulligan."

If you recall, Rhoden made bank with the book 40 Million Dollar Slaves, comparing black athletes to slaves. Let's just say Rhoden got a little carried away with the analogies of sports and the greatest social injustices of all time.

Readers lambasted Rhoden for saying that David Stern should allow the Knicks to drop up to four contracts from its $120 million payroll and had the balls to use this analogy:

"The N.B.A. should act like the World Bank and treat the Knicks like a developing nation. The league needs success in New York and there is only one way to achieve that: The N.B.A. has to forgive the Knicks' debt."

We are definitely all now dumber from reading that statement. Though it could be argued that James Dolan is a dictator, we won't even begin to breakdown the lack of common sense in that argument.

What's next Bill? How about comparing NFL training camp to the Holocaust? That should be a good read.

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MODI said...

It sounds like you have not read the book "40 Million Dollar Slaves". If you did, then you would understand the title. But more importantly, it was a great, great book. There is so much information in that book that is unknown that it is ridiculous