The Roc Diamond Cutter.

Like everything else Jay-Z touches, it's timeless. Forget all these imposters: Tony Yayo, Soulja Boy, Young Joc (OK, we really enjoyed the Jim Jones' Ballin!!!! phase); they're all bullshit.

The Diamond is a minimum effort, maximum payoff in a way we haven't seen since the Omega hand sign days of the early 90s (sorry, no pics available - but surely you remember).

And yet the more we ask around, it's become painfully clear no one knows the origin of Jay's trademark move. Which leads to today's trivia question:

Q. What prompted Jay-Z to originally create the Roc Diamond Cutter?

Good luck, dunnies.

Oh yeah. By the way, it has nothing to do with Diamond Dallas Page.

(Editor's Note: What can we say? We thought our readership was dumber than a box of rocks, but you've proven us wrong time and time again.)


Anonymous said...

was it representative of a goal of 10 mil in record sales? i think i heard that once..

bt said...

consiracy theorists will tell you he is a free mason or a member of the illuminati and apparently their symbol is a pyramid. (see back of dollar bill)

not sure if i'm buying it though.