Realest of the Week

The Sports Guy.

Background info: Fed up with seeing unoriginal journalists obsessed with getting face time, I wrote Bill Simmons something like this:

"You should write an open letter to all the dick riders out there that jack your style. There isn't enough space here to name them all, but most especially Jim Caple."

Today I get an e-mail in my inbox from the SG. His response:

"thanks Jim - i try not to read anyone who tries to write like me, it drives me crazy and i want to have them killed"



Christopher Trottier said...

For sure. I always try to find a strikingly original way to write. Sometimes what I write is so out there that people think I've gone off the rails. However, no one can say that I am copying anyone else.

Charles said...

Who are these people who post on your blog and where are they coming from?