Realest of the Week

Matt Leinart.

Heisman Trophy winner, two-time National Champion, on every magazine in America, about to be a millionaire.......... well someone call the Boob Patrol because now he is hooking up with Kristin from Laguna Beach. Most people probably didn't catch this on last night's show - it's about to be in every tabloid. There's something noble about picking a 17-year old out of any girl in the country to hook up with. Making the story even better, ESPN the Mag just came out with a cute little story about him and his longtime girlfriend on the USC women's basketball team.

I would say Leinart is realer than Pat O'Brien - but then I realized O'Brien has probably slammed her as well.

Said Leinart in a press release: "The great thing about high school girls is that I keep getting older - and they stay the same age" Posted by Picasa

R. Kelly just peed his pants thinking about a Golden Shower with Kristin... Posted by Picasa

The old girlfriend... As Jigga would say: "Like bringing a knife to a gun fight, a pen to a test..." Posted by Picasa

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Steiny17 said...

Last time I checked a week consisted of 7 days and yet TO was realest of the week on the 20 and now you have a new realest on the 25th. A difference of only, for those that are math challenged, 5 days! Either you start getting your weeks straight or i am boycotting this blog!