Unrealest of the Week


Yeah, I said it.

Slackin on our pimpin?

Don't you mean, "slackin on they mackin', slippin' on they pimpin'"...

The only person I know that says slackin on they pimpin' is Jermaine Dupri.

As Jay would say, "There's some food for thought - you do the dishes."

Anyone else want to come at us (that goes for the spam people that advertise on our site as well).



Laju said...

I'm just proud to have a shout out

Laju said...

changed my mind


that's why (whoever the fuck said it) y'all were slackin on your pimpin when you chose the realest of the week. i can't get mad when i'm one of only two people who visits this weak ass blog (what up steiny?)

Steiny17 said...

How did you know that other person was me Laju? ANyway, congrats on the shout out. You have made it big time Laju, and I am so proud.

Laju said...

one more thing - jay-z did say "slackin on your pimpin" when they switched the hook after the second verse. still feeling real jim?